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"Outdoor fitness equipment General requirements for safety" introduction of new standards
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November 28, 2011, the National Standardization Technical Committee held a sports GB 19272-2011 "outdoor fitness equipment General requirements for safety" national standard Publicizing in Beijing. Xiaomin State Sports General Administration Assistant Secretary, National Standards Standards Service Industry Management Committee Director Liao Xiaoqian and related companies, inspection bodies and related technical personnel and other leaders attended the meeting. The Publicizing highlights GB 19272-2011 "outdoor fitness equipment General requirements for safety," the specific content of the revised principles and basis for the formulation and implementation of the significance of the process, combined with the national sports, sports industry, "second five" planning, comprehensive exposition of GB 19272-2011 "outdoor fitness equipment General requirements for safety" technical support leading role in the fitness industry, to create a harmonious, healthy and safe fitness activities provide effective protection.
        After 1995, the State Council issued the "National Fitness Program Outline" to speed up the construction of urban and rural universal fitness venues and facilities, government use of sports lottery in cities across the country in the construction of the 164,000 outdoor fitness path, the various types of fitness centers has reached 3400 multiple, fitness Project for Peasants more than 230,000. In the national fitness campaign to flourish on the occasion, welcomed by the majority of the people. Fitness is developing rapidly, outdoor fitness equipment to ensure product safety and durability, 2003, China issued the implementation of GB 19272-2003 "fitness equipment outdoor fitness equipment General requirements for safety" national standards for national fitness campaign to use to adapt outdoor equipment provides the normative documents.
        With the development of nationwide fitness campaign, outdoor fitness equipment welcomed by the people, for the safety function and structure of fitness equipment, science, comfort and other requirements are high, the original standard has been unable to meet the needs of the masses; since 2007, the State Sports Administration of five consecutive years of outdoor fitness equipment to carry out an annual quality inspection, found that there are different levels of equipment problems in identification, design, installation and maintenance, etc., and because the equipment quality problems result in injury accidents have occurred; China's economic and social development to achieve a new stage equipment, production technology gained considerable progress, the contents of the existing standards, regulations loose, the threshold is too low and does not meet the new economy requires new technology development; outdoor fitness equipment industry there are plagiarizing other enterprise technologies and products competing bid prices down, vicious competition, seriously disrupted the normal order of production equipment, affecting the healthy development of the equipment industry. For these reasons show that the old standard deficiencies and limitations, the urgent need to be strictly regulated by the introduction of new standards.
        2009, the National Standardization Management Board issued under the "issued in 2009 on a second batch of national standards and revision plan," which under the leadership of the State Sports General Administration, the National Standardization Technical Committee organized sports standard drafting group was set up, in 2010 in July the formation of a draft. In facing the majority of society, production enterprises, research institutions after comments by experts reviewed and approved by the National       Standards Commission, September 2010 GB19272-2011 "General requirements for outdoor fitness equipment safety" standard released in 2011, October 1 the date of implementation. There are seven main features of the new standard, as follows:
      One for the "National Fitness Route Project" and "Farmer Fitness Project" to provide technical support. The new standard in outdoor fitness equipment production processes, structure, function and so on to make strict rules, provide effective technical support in the development, production and standard equipment quality and other aspects of the guidance equipment. Meanwhile, the new standard techniques applied to old, young, young different groups, in line with our unique fitness facility characteristics, practical, innovative features.
      Second, in order to effectively protect the safety and interests of consumers, the new standard to make a series of regulations. For example, increasing the maximum limit requirement harmful substances, lead, cadmium may cause poisoning, disease-causing substances to make provision limits; the hand and fingers cut, squeeze and damage the gap restricted clip from "9.5mm -25mm "amended to" 8mm-30mm "; require moving parts should stop, rotary equipment, rotating parts Zuni devices and so on.
      Third, compared with the old standard, the new standard adds, "management and maintenance" section, clear the main outdoor fitness equipment management for the physical education department and the use of units, the purchaser must conduct a comprehensive assessment of the use of the environment, the management level, to ensure that equipment configuration and use of environmental management as matching; acceptance procedures and methods proposed after equipment installation. Promotes outdoor fitness equipment maintenance management level.
      Fourth, the new standards to further regulate the outdoor fitness equipment market, and promote outdoor fitness equipment manufacturing industry to develop healthily. For example, the new standards emphasize the technological innovation and progress, for equipment safety, quality, structure and installation, maintenance and put forward higher requirements to the price of low-quality and opportunistic way inferior product companies will profit as a result of the implementation of the new standards and shrink or even loss of living space.
      Fifth, the proposed new standard equipment production technology innovative ideas to improve the equipment quality and grade requirements. If the new standards will improve the life safety equipment to eight years, the main bearing pillars "of pipe wall thickness should not be less than 2.5mm" amended to "steel pipe wall thickness shall not be less than 2.75mm", and provides suppliers within the life cycle for the timely replacement of wearing parts. This requires equipment production equipment must strengthen technological innovation, to improve the product structure.
      Sixth, the new standards focus more humane, increasing the distance residents windows 10 meters away, the equipment does not allow the existence of rigid collision; swings too large parts must be the limit; fast rotating parts must be increased damping device specification equipment and other technical indicators.
      Seven, the new standard reference in Japan, the United States, Europe and other relevant standards, combined with China's actual conditions, advanced foreign standards into GB19272-2011 among its technical content reached the international advanced level.
      Proposed national sports development, "second five" plan, continue to implement the "Farmer Fitness Project", "Snow carbon project", "National Fitness Route Project" strong support "fitness centers, outdoor activities and community multi-purpose base fitness facility, "indicating the popularity of the Government's determination to vigorously promote the development of urban and rural fitness activities. Outdoor fitness equipment fitness activities as an important hardware facilities, which is directly related to the quality and safety of the vital interests of the masses. The new standard is completely revised from the consumer safety point of view, enrich the content of the original standards for equipment harming children, the elderly and other physical conditions were strictly controlled to meet the national "five" plan to the relevant spirit; and the new standard was promulgated for the National Fitness Project provides a legal basis to ensure product quality certification fairness and authority; play a catalytic role in promoting technological innovation, improve product quality, reduce production costs and promote exports, etc. .
      Introduction of new standards is just standard operating start the first step to effectively implement this standard requires the joint efforts of the whole society, and I hope the government and sports authorities at all levels to enhance awareness of the standards, and implementing the bidding process in the implementation of the new national standard strict quality control; manufacturers to enhance standards awareness, improve technological innovation capability; product supervision, certification and other departments to perform their duties to the new national standard as the basis, and earnestly safeguard the interests of consumers and the interests of public health by all concerned joint efforts will make a real fitness path works to promote the development of national fitness campaign to build sports power to provide engineering quality and safety.

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