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National Standards Committee for Standardization effectively promote effective fitness sports
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      After 2011, the State Council issued the "National Fitness Program (2011-2015)", the State Sports General Administration, led the development of the implementation of the "National Fitness Program" ministries division of responsibilities. National Standards Committee in accordance with the division of responsibilities and tasks, and the State Sports General Administration to strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the sport standardization to promote the implementation of the fitness tasks, especially sports standardization efforts have paid off.
      It concerns the health of the people of the country's image and the nation's future, for which the Commission attaches great importance to the national standards, together with the State General Administration of Sport, Physical Education and actively carry out the standardization work. In recent years, the focus of the project of the sports venues, sports, community sports and a number of national standards projects. Currently, the program has approved 104 projects, which in 2011 approved the 21. Also approved the release of a number of basic common national standard sports field. As of the end of 2011, sports China has issued national standards, industry standards to 118, covering a variety of sports venues open conditions and technical requirements, sports venues grade division, stadium requirements and test methods, primary and secondary schools with sports equipment standards. Developed and implemented standards to regulate the sports venues sports management and services to enhance the quality and safety of sports equipment, to carry out activities related to sports, to promote the healthy development of sports played an important role.
      At present, China has established two sports standardization technical working bodies. One is the National Standardization Technical Committee Sporting Goods in May 2007 approved the establishment of the National Standards Committee (SAC / TC291), the foundation is responsible for sports, management, general revision of national standards, and in addition to light industry, petrochemical, textile and other industries product standard system of centralized management of sports fields outside the revision. Another was in July 2009 approved the establishment of the National Standardization Technical Committee Sports (SAC / TC456), responsible for sports foundation, athletic events, facilities and equipment, places and amend standards. These two sports Standardization Technical Committee absorb a related field management and technical experts nearly 100 people, plays an important role in the sport of technological progress and the standardization work.
      To promote the sport of Standards, fitness industry to adapt to the rapid development of outdoor fitness equipment to ensure product safety and durability, in November 2011, focusing on the importance of sports national standard GB 19272-2011 "outdoor fitness equipment General requirements for safety." Publicizing. The standard from the consumer safety point of view, enriched the contents of the old standard of equipment hurt children, the elderly and other physical conditions were strictly controlled, from security to promote the national fitness campaign carried out, and to ensure product quality certification of impartiality and authority in the promotion of technological innovation, improve product quality, reduce production costs, promotion of exports, it is also played a role.
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